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Red Flowers Blossoms on Blue
Red Flowers

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Red Flowers on a blue backdrop is simply meant to charm. These loose blossoms were created as an aesthetic to inspire love and caring. 

The Postmodernism Art Gallery is authored by David Bridburg, artist/gallery owner(only available online).


Fragile Blossoms Flowers

The title of this work, "Fragile", captures a deeper sensitivity. The brushstrokes are very loose and tentative. The flowers are an offering to an unknown, uncertain love. The blossoms are a feminine pink.

In fact, this image is the second state of "Red Flowers'.

Flowers in the Wind

Wind Flowers Blossoms Abstract Art Gallery
Flowers in the Wind

Abstract Art Gallery Flowers Blossoms

Abstract art with precision, these very loose flowers seemingly have cattails and birds in the blossoms. The saltshaker blues denote the winds, with green wisps of grass flowing. This happy aesthetic is of the days in summer with a light breeze going through.

The Postmodernism Art Gallery is an eclectic mix of fine art concepts.

Abstract Flower Set on Black

Flower Rose Abstract Art Blossom Black
Abstract Flower 1

Dramatic rose set on black. This abstract art image creatively will accent any room. The blossom is a mix of loose and yet precise artistic control. The mixing of abstract with figurative techniques, we know this is a flower, brings on a new aesthetic.

This is the first of three Abstract Flower x in the Countenance Collection.

Red Orange Black and White Rose

Flower Blossom Rose Abstract Art 2
Abstract Flower 2

This rose is between bud and blossom. Liberties have been taken with flower to create an abstract art piece. The white backdrop brings out the beauty of the form.

There are three different flowers created as abstracts, this is the second of them.

Flower Blossom 3

Green Abstract Art Blossom Flower 3
Abstract Flower 3

This loose abstract art set on a vibrant green backdrop is full of life. The blossom can cheer up anyone. The flower is an independent non-specific design.

This is the third abstract flower created by the artist.

1700s Frock

Frock Lily Lilies Recent 5
Recent 5

1700s Dutch frock with lily imprint, the final design is very modern. The color theory is an early 1970s palette.

Lilies are the flower most associated with funerals. Symbolizing the restoration of innocence in the soul of the departed.

Dutch Dress 1850s

Dutch Dress 1850s Lily Lilies
Recent 13

Modernized 1850s Dutch dress with imprinted multi-colored lily. The dress would have been made of linen. The "dome" shape was fashionable in the 1850s.

The flower symbolizes beauty, purity, and innocence.

Lilies symbolize humility and devotion, celebrating 30th wedding anniversaries.

Lilies are native to the northern hemisphere, and cultivated for their large showy bloom.

Joyous Light Roses and Irises

Roses Irises multi colored 16
Blend 16 van Gogh

Roses and Irises

Multi-colored Roses and Irises, can we take the liberty to define these roses as joyous?

Rainbow roses or happy roses have recently been cultivated in Holland.

This is one of seven states created by Bridburg using Vincent van Gogh's "Roses and Irises". The exploration of the masterpiece led to several dynamic outcomes. 

Black Vase of Golden Flowers Blossoms

Roses Irises in a vase black
Inv Blend 3 van Gogh

Flowers Blossoms

Great artistic liberties were taken with Vincent van Gogh's masterpiece. These golden roses and magenta irises are as different as they are beautiful.

Yellow (gold) roses express friendship, joy and gladness. Yellow roses are given to remind a loved one you care.

White Version of the Lilies

White Flower Blossom Lily Lilies
Music Notes 12

Lily is a woman's name, after the flower. The blossom here is softly colored, and laid on a white background. This is one of two lilies created by David Bridburg. Further, the artist uses this image on two Dutch mannequinned dresses as fashion statements.

Among other meanings, the name and the flower represents "pure", "passion" and "rebirth". 

Lily Blossom on Black

Multi Color Lily Lilies Flower Black
Music Notes 13

Flower Lily Lilies Blossom on Black
The Lilies are the Flower most associated with funerals. Appropriately this lily blossom is set on black. 

The artist's approach creates a 3 dimensional feel to the multi-colored blossom. David Bridburg title this image "Music Notes 13" as an addition to his Post Contemporary Collection of artworks. 'Music Notes xx' is the ephemeral set of title replacements to the stereotypical "Untitled xx". 

American Intellectual 6

Abstract Art Almond Blossoms black white
American Intellectual 6

Abstract Art

White and black in balance, an abstract art piece with a further abstract overlay, the Almond Blossoms are in red. The artwork communicates a sense of balance.

Prints scale up to 108 inches as a mural. Smaller prints are wonderful framed.

The artwork convenes a discussion on race relations. The elegant approach belies an unhealthy American reality. This paradox is present in many works by David Bridburg


Abstract Art Gallery Almond Blossoms
American Intellectual 11

Art Gallery Concept Piece

This abstract art piece is similar to a ribbon. The inset is Almond Blossoms. The prints come up to 108 inches, mural sized. Smaller prints are fantastic framed as gifts.

The Art Gallery mixes flowers, among other subjects, with a broad variety of concepts.

The use of light in this work creates a very feminine aesthetic.

The First State

Flower Rose Gauguin Paintings
The Rose of Gauguin

The Rose of Gauguin was created using the images of 15 oil paintings by Paul Gauguin. This celebration of Gauguin's artwork is a flower of love.

There are three states of this image. The cyan and rose sepia versions are each monochromatic.

Work on this image commenced in late 2014, and was completed in early 2015. David Bridburg, the artist, was constantly experimenting. 

The Second State

Rose Flower Cyan 1 Paul Gauguin
Rose No 1

The Rose in Cyan is beautiful. The shadows in blues run deep. Paul Gauguin never would have expected this use of his oil paintings.

As a flower, the blue rose means unattainable love.

The artist, David Bridburg, is constantly seeking out new techniques. These three images, early in his career, were among the most complex. Bridburg's work at times goes to much simpler minimalism. The artist refuses to create within a singular style. Leaving the audiences with a very rich dialog, Bridburg defines many conceptual goals, instead of selling an "expected" routine body of artwork.

The Third State

Rose Flower Sepia
Rose No 2

Flower Rose 

This rose in sepia is based on 15 individual Paul Gauguin oil paintings. The flower of love and friendship takes on a new life. Artist David Bridburg has created something very unique.

Rose No 2 is the third state of Rose of Gauguin by David Bridburg.

The work was finished in early 2015. David Bridburg turned further outward toward the public by sorting out new techniques, and not settling on a singular subject or set of constructs.

Irises in the Abstract Art Gallery

Irises Flowers Abstract Art
Inv Blend 6 van Gogh

Art Gallery Flowers

Bridburg's wondrous color palette here is a new landscape of flowers. The technique used drifts off as abstract art. The subject, van Gogh's Irises,, is reworked for a modernism.

The subject, color, lighting and technique are very feminine. Artistically Bridburg looked for a "stable" aesthetic in each image as opposed to a singular style. Many works in his portfolio are creatively very far flung. 

David Bridburg's Art Gallery is only available online.

Roses and Irises in Blue

Roses and Irises Flowers
Inv Blend 15 van Gogh

Roses and Irises, Blue Flowers

This complex still life of flowers by van Gogh has been recreated as more dramatic Roses and Irises.

David Bridburg's attention to detail moves the viewers. 

Christmas Colors Abstract Art

Almond Blossoms Abstract Art Red Green
Layered 2 van Gogh

Holiday Cheer

The soft violet almond blossoms are tangled in the Christmas colors of red and green. 

The aesthetic is merriment. Abstract art forms at play, you can make out both a dog and cat in green. The blossoms are like soft violet bells.

The artist's creativity comes to the fore in this complex reworking van Gogh's masterpiece.   

Green and Lavender Art Gallery

Green Lavender Almond Blossoms Roses Irises Art Gallery
Layered 4 van Gogh

Postmodernism Art Gallery Presents Almond Blossoms, Roses and Irises

Green Almond Blossoms with lighter green blooms, Vincent van Gogh's underlying work inspires David Bridburg's Layered 4. The Roses and Irises, again van Gogh, are turned to lavender by Bridburg. The blossoms mix with a depth of perspective.

A complexity arises within David Bridburg's composition. The greens and lavenders are complimentary. 

The Art Gallery at has a  special collection on Roses and Flowers.

Flowers Red and Green Set on Almond Blossoms

Almond Blossoms Roses Irises Layered 5
Layered 5 van Gogh
Flowers and Almond Blossoms

Vincent van Gogh's Almond Blossoms in red is the backdrop to the artist's Roses and Irises.

David Bridburg avoids the Surreal by giving the vase of flowers blossoms weight. 

The Art Gallery involves many serious works of derivative concepts. This composition was created for its aesthetics, the simple idea of beauty after many digital techniques have been employed.