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Flowers as Seen Vincent van Gogh David Bridburg

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Postmodernism Art Gallery Found @

Red Flowers Blossoms on Blue
Red Flowers

Welcome to my images!

Red Flowers on a blue backdrop is simply meant to charm. These loose blossoms were created as an aesthetic to inspire love and caring. 

The Postmodernism Art Gallery is authored by David Bridburg, artist/gallery owner(only available online).


Fragile Blossoms Flowers

The title of this work, "Fragile", captures a deeper sensitivity. The brushstrokes are very loose and tentative. The flowers are an offering to an unknown, uncertain love. The blossoms are a feminine pink.

In fact, this image is the second state of "Red Flowers'.

Flowers in the Wind

Wind Flowers Blossoms Abstract Art Gallery
Flowers in the Wind

Abstract Art Gallery Flowers Blossoms

Abstract art with precision, these very loose flowers seemingly have cattails and birds in the blossoms. The saltshaker blues denote the winds, with green wisps of grass flowing. This happy aesthetic is of the days in summer with a light breeze going through.

The Postmodernism Art Gallery is an eclectic mix of fine art concepts.

Christmas Colors Abstract Art

Almond Blossoms Abstract Art Red Green
Layered 2 van Gogh

Holiday Cheer

The soft violet almond blossoms are tangled in the Christmas colors of red and green. 

The aesthetic is merriment. Abstract art forms at play, you can make out both a dog and cat in green. The blossoms are like soft violet bells.

The artist's creativity comes to the fore in this complex reworking van Gogh's masterpiece.   

Green and Lavender Art Gallery

Green Lavender Almond Blossoms Roses Irises Art Gallery
Layered 4 van Gogh

Postmodernism Art Gallery Presents Almond Blossoms, Roses and Irises

Green Almond Blossoms with lighter green blooms, Vincent van Gogh's underlying work inspires David Bridburg's Layered 4. The Roses and Irises, again van Gogh, are turned to lavender by Bridburg. The blossoms mix with a depth of perspective.

A complexity arises within David Bridburg's composition. The greens and lavenders are complimentary. 

The Art Gallery at has a  special collection on Roses and Flowers.

Flowers Red and Green Set on Almond Blossoms

Almond Blossoms Roses Irises Layered 5
Layered 5 van Gogh
Flowers and Almond Blossoms

Vincent van Gogh's Almond Blossoms in red is the backdrop to the artist's Roses and Irises.

David Bridburg avoids the Surreal by giving the vase of flowers blossoms weight. 

The Art Gallery involves many serious works of derivative concepts. This composition was created for its aesthetics, the simple idea of beauty after many digital techniques have been employed.

Fiery Red Orange Almond Blossoms

Orange Red Almond Blossoms van Gogh
Layered 9 van Gogh

Almond Blossoms

Vincent van Gogh's underlying painting was in light shades of blue. White almond blossoms very softly placed on the canvas. Bridburg's ideas, creation, is a testament to a different age. The beauty is unlocked in a fiery red orange. The blossoms are a strong purple and black.

Working with van Gogh's paintings in my Postmodernism Art Gallery was terrific fun. Respecting the artist's message, while creating a new message is my goal.