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Flowers as Seen Vincent van Gogh David Bridburg

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Joyous Light Roses and Irises

Roses Irises multi colored 16
Blend 16 van Gogh

Roses and Irises

Multi-colored Roses and Irises, can we take the liberty to define these roses as joyous?

Rainbow roses or happy roses have recently been cultivated in Holland.

This is one of seven states created by Bridburg using Vincent van Gogh's "Roses and Irises". The exploration of the masterpiece led to several dynamic outcomes. 

Black Vase of Golden Flowers Blossoms

Roses Irises in a vase black
Inv Blend 3 van Gogh

Flowers Blossoms

Great artistic liberties were taken with Vincent van Gogh's masterpiece. These golden roses and magenta irises are as different as they are beautiful.

Yellow (gold) roses express friendship, joy and gladness. Yellow roses are given to remind a loved one you care.

Irises in the Abstract Art Gallery

Irises Flowers Abstract Art
Inv Blend 6 van Gogh

Art Gallery Flowers

Bridburg's wondrous color palette here is a new landscape of flowers. The technique used drifts off as abstract art. The subject, van Gogh's Irises,, is reworked for a modernism.

The subject, color, lighting and technique are very feminine. Artistically Bridburg looked for a "stable" aesthetic in each image as opposed to a singular style. Many works in his portfolio are creatively very far flung. 

David Bridburg's Art Gallery is only available online.

Roses and Irises in Blue

Roses and Irises Flowers
Inv Blend 15 van Gogh

Roses and Irises, Blue Flowers

This complex still life of flowers by van Gogh has been recreated as more dramatic Roses and Irises.

David Bridburg's attention to detail moves the viewers. 

Green and Lavender Art Gallery

Green Lavender Almond Blossoms Roses Irises Art Gallery
Layered 4 van Gogh

Postmodernism Art Gallery Presents Almond Blossoms, Roses and Irises

Green Almond Blossoms with lighter green blooms, Vincent van Gogh's underlying work inspires David Bridburg's Layered 4. The Roses and Irises, again van Gogh, are turned to lavender by Bridburg. The blossoms mix with a depth of perspective.

A complexity arises within David Bridburg's composition. The greens and lavenders are complimentary. 

The Art Gallery at has a  special collection on Roses and Flowers.

Flowers Red and Green Set on Almond Blossoms

Almond Blossoms Roses Irises Layered 5
Layered 5 van Gogh
Flowers and Almond Blossoms

Vincent van Gogh's Almond Blossoms in red is the backdrop to the artist's Roses and Irises.

David Bridburg avoids the Surreal by giving the vase of flowers blossoms weight. 

The Art Gallery involves many serious works of derivative concepts. This composition was created for its aesthetics, the simple idea of beauty after many digital techniques have been employed.

Perspective From the Garden

Irises in flowerbed on black canvas
BW 5 van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh's genius in this painting is his use of brushstrokes. Layers of texture and color, van Gogh brings us a heightened sense of beautiful Irises. In his day, van Gogh's artwork was received as ugly. 

David Bridburg creates a perspective reminiscent of a movie still from the early 1970s.

Black and White 6 van Gogh

Irises in Flowerbed White Canvas
BW 6 van Gogh

Irises Avant Garde

Vincent van Gogh's Irises on a white avant garde canvas. This eclectic print by David Bridburg is an elegant accent piece.

The layering of two perspectives on the flowerbed on top of a a white canvas is clean, modern, clear digital art. The aesthetic is a rehash of early 1970 futurism. The take is pure late 2010s.

Irises are part of a family of plants called Iridaceae. The Bearded Iris or German Bearded Iris adorns gardens globally.