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1700s Frock

Frock Lily Lilies Recent 5
Recent 5

1700s Dutch frock with lily imprint, the final design is very modern. The color theory is an early 1970s palette.

Lilies are the flower most associated with funerals. Symbolizing the restoration of innocence in the soul of the departed.

Dutch Dress 1850s

Dutch Dress 1850s Lily Lilies
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Modernized 1850s Dutch dress with imprinted multi-colored lily. The dress would have been made of linen. The "dome" shape was fashionable in the 1850s.

The flower symbolizes beauty, purity, and innocence.

Lilies symbolize humility and devotion, celebrating 30th wedding anniversaries.

Lilies are native to the northern hemisphere, and cultivated for their large showy bloom.

White Version of the Lilies

White Flower Blossom Lily Lilies
Music Notes 12

Lily is a woman's name, after the flower. The blossom here is softly colored, and laid on a white background. This is one of two lilies created by David Bridburg. Further, the artist uses this image on two Dutch mannequinned dresses as fashion statements.

Among other meanings, the name and the flower represents "pure", "passion" and "rebirth". 

Lily Blossom on Black

Multi Color Lily Lilies Flower Black
Music Notes 13

Flower Lily Lilies Blossom on Black
The Lilies are the Flower most associated with funerals. Appropriately this lily blossom is set on black. 

The artist's approach creates a 3 dimensional feel to the multi-colored blossom. David Bridburg title this image "Music Notes 13" as an addition to his Post Contemporary Collection of artworks. 'Music Notes xx' is the ephemeral set of title replacements to the stereotypical "Untitled xx".