Fiery Red Orange Almond Blossoms

Orange Red Almond Blossoms van Gogh
Layered 9 van Gogh

Almond Blossoms

Vincent van Gogh's underlying painting was in light shades of blue. White almond blossoms very softly placed on the canvas. Bridburg's ideas, creation, is a testament to a different age. The beauty is unlocked in a fiery red orange. The blossoms are a strong purple and black.

Working with van Gogh's paintings in my Postmodernism Art Gallery was terrific fun. Respecting the artist's message, while creating a new message is my goal.

Perspective From the Garden

Irises in flowerbed on black canvas
BW 5 van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh's genius in this painting is his use of brushstrokes. Layers of texture and color, van Gogh brings us a heightened sense of beautiful Irises. In his day, van Gogh's artwork was received as ugly. 

David Bridburg creates a perspective reminiscent of a movie still from the early 1970s.

Black and White 6 van Gogh

Irises in Flowerbed White Canvas
BW 6 van Gogh

Irises Avant Garde

Vincent van Gogh's Irises on a white avant garde canvas. This eclectic print by David Bridburg is an elegant accent piece.

The layering of two perspectives on the flowerbed on top of a a white canvas is clean, modern, clear digital art. The aesthetic is a rehash of early 1970 futurism. The take is pure late 2010s.

Irises are part of a family of plants called Iridaceae. The Bearded Iris or German Bearded Iris adorns gardens globally.